TAMSEOuyang2N is committed to non-Romance language translations. Hey, we still love French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and the like, but this gives voice to poets around the world that are likely to have limited exposure for their work in languages such as Farsi, Estonian, Taushiro, Yoruba or Albanian, just to name a few.

Of course, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese and other major tongues will be honored. TAMSEN will consider the translation efforts of any poet in a language not generally familiar to English speaking readers.

In this issue, we proudly present the translations from the Chinese of Ouyang Jianghe by Dr. Marlon Fick and a Lithuanian poem by Julius Janonis rendered by Kristina Sumauskaite.  

We look forward to working with translators on a variety of projects. Your understanding of the idiosyncrasies of language, your travels and cultural immersion, your dedication to unearthing buried voices, and more importantly, help TAMSEN create a strong community of readers with a wide variety of interests and tastes.