Current Issue

A Journal of Poetry & Biopoetics

Volume 2, No. 1.  2017



| Lynne Burnett Photo

| Chris CampanioniUrban Sprawl &  hands free talk to me

| Troy Casa |  A Long Drive Thinking About False Advertising &  What Happens When You Find the Long Lost Diary of Louis Zamperini at a Thrift Store

| Robin Chapman | The Tension of Opposites

| Elizabeth Davidson |  It’s Not Plath, Panzer-man

| Gregory Geis The Devil in the Detail, Hexagram 23 & See Below for Details                                                                               

| Alyse Hansel Untitled

| David KannOdor

| Dianne Stepp | Same Old Story & Lazy Days

| Pia Taavila-Borsheim | Thirst

| Rosalynde Vas Dias | Denied



The River: Civil Rights and the Poetry of John Beecher by Troy Casa

Connecting Words in Plath’s Ariel: A Concatenation of Rainbows by Julia Gordon-Bramer


Our Featured Poet West of the Mississippi

| Kate Northrup |

High Plains


Community Pool/Love Poem

She was loose-limbed

The Man on my Roof

The Apartment




| Marlon L. Fick | Chinese

selected works of Ouyang Jianghe

Shoes for Athens

Between Chinese and English

Open Monologue

Who Goes and Who Stays



In the Dugout

| Gregory Geis |

In Praise of Obscurity: Thoughts on Henri Coulette


Pensees Politiques

| Troy Casa |

‘Merica Seen Through the Lens of the Global Poetic Imagination