noun, Biopoetic

  • a hybrid of biography, biology, biopic and literary criticism about a particular aspect of a poet’s work

TAMSEN encourages writers to address certain philosophical, linguistic and technical tendencies that help introduce readers to the unique and often overlooked or under-appreciated components of a poet’s ouevre.

In many cases, the prolific output of a writer garners literary analysis at the extended biographical level. For a very limited few, deeper scholarship is warranted. But you might notice themes, trends or patterns that force us to reconsider reading a poet from a different perspective. And in some cases, a poet has just slipped through the cracks and been forgotten—so, revive them. A Biopoetic should use a balance of biographical data juxtaposed with poems that express their life’s message and journey. Generally, this can be achieved in less than 2500 words. The TAMSEN Biopoetic Series accepts work to be reviewed at

This month, please see The River: Civil Rights and the Poetry of John Beecher by Troy Casa and Connecting Words in Plath’s Ariel: A Concatenation of Rainbows by Julia Gordon-Bramer.

Biopoetic on Sylvia Plath


Biopoetic on John Beecher