What Happens When You Find the Long Lost Diary of Louis Zamperini at a Thrift Store

per aspera ad astra

You start to think about miracles;
not those of stars and heavens
immaculate orgasms
but the tiny things of ants
blades of grass
love quarks and math

today I was unable to fight back

Something about that phrase
pissed you off. The checkout-girl
said it had a bright red circle on it
when it was in the case.
It was seventy years ago
and now you’re mad
at the Japanese.

I write tonight like a ghost
able to transport a piece
of myself to a better time and place.
Oddly, I think of Berlin.
And how very different this race is.

Sitting in the driveway you realize
that you have met your first earth-David,
but most people are just trying
to slay errands and slash the price of gas.
You will call the museum in the morning.

Dearest mother and father, you made me fearless,
Dearest brother, you made me quick in the feet,
To my sweet little sorrelle, your kisses are gold
shining brightly through these high piles of hate.

A jog to honor him seems cliche;
you walk the dogs instead.
A car careening out of control
slams into a tree just up ahead,
two dead.

per aspera ad astra

Troy CasaLostDiary-1


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