A Long Drive Thinking About False Advertising


for John Beecher

We accept lies
like that one time in the Bible
or when we armed Iran
because someone in El Salvador
or Honduras decided we didn’t have
enough cocaine to keep the poor black
man and his best friend
the Wall Street junkie high long enough
to win the next election
We accept lies from our parents
but those don’t hurt like the ones
from a lover or supposed best friend
but then again
we believe all kinds
of silly rubbish about GMOs
and deny that African lakes dry up
and just kick the can down the road
so long as our particular cul-de-sac
don’t get flooded, cool, see you
at the playground or at the library
and we can argue about the lies
history dumped all over us
and ask ourselves if this man
or that girl is lying to us right now
because the odds say yes sir
goddamn right Beel-Zebub
chicanery isn’t exactly not telling the truth
we accept lies like Tide or fondu
some say Feng Shui and magic
are perversions but the point
still remains that we spent
2.65 billion dollars on Cabbage Patch dolls
and Tetris so we could hold on to the lies
of our childhood.
The bug that just died on my windshield
aint no lie.

Troy Casa



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